Spring Greetings to my artist friends !!

I wish I had time to tell you all what all is happening in my life....  and here I am just about to turn 65!!
I am so excited about my new directions.  
Sometimes it is frightening to make changes, but when they lead to growth and a new spirit of value and
adventure, they are wonderful!

I have created a blog is called Creative Courage.  When I thought of that name I remembered the day in
France when I set out to paint in Pierre Cardin's small and remote village of LaCross.  It was early
morning and I wanted nothing more than to meet my new goal and paint a scene I had found a few days

I had hardly slept a wink the night before.  Thankfully the little town was still asleep when I got there and I
got set up under a window on the narrow street.  

I was not sure if my easel would stand up on the cobblestones and the thought of my turp, pochade box
and canvas exploding into the right of way made me cold.  I finally got everything set up.  The tripod Lewis
had made worked great.  The turp jar balanced on 2 rocks and I began to work.  Minute by minute, my
nerves began to settle and I not only began to breath, but relaxed enough that my shoulders got out of
my ears.

That was when I realized that the couple who lived in the house I was leaning against had left the radio on
a station that was playing Elvis... all morning!

I considered it a sign and my confidence took over.  The painting is still one of my favorites.  It is not a
bad painting at all, but the emotions I see in it are bigger than life.  
When you allow creativity to grow within you, it is a miraculous thing.  It will amaze you and you will realize
that it is greater than you are.  

I hope you all are giving your creativity a chance to grow.
To share with you my own adventures, I invite you to
join my blog.  I will not post every week, but when I do,
I hope it will arrive when you need a good laugh, courage
or just fuel for your own dreams.

Please leave me some comments.  I need your feedback.  
You inspire me and I enjoy hearing from you.