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The National Infantry
Museum opened in June of
as a tribute to all
Infantrymen, past, present and
future.  The large bronze
colored statue "I Am the
Infantry", commonly known as
"Iron Mike" was moved from in
front of Building 4 on post after
having been restored.  Before
that, it was in front of Salerno
Mess.  A replica stands in front
of Building 35, now the post
Port Columbus
National Naval
has a full
scale model of the
Water Witch near its
entrance off Victory
Drive, making it hard to
miss.  Civil War cannon
stand outside, while
civil war artifacts
abound inside.
The Historic Bibb Mill burned to the ground on Halloween 2008.  The landmark is no longer
visible though the event center is still in use, and the front facade with the clock still stands.  Mills
once lined the Chattahoochee River in Columbus.  Few are left, some having been converted into
loft apartments.  The mill was on the National Register of Historic Places.
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Historic Linwood Cemetery dates to the
founding of Columbus.  It is in a constant
state of restoration, and is a must for
history buffs.  A chapel has been added,
moved from a small town to the south.
The Rankin House is
home to the Historic
Columbus Foundation.  A
gazebo in the front yard
echos the wrought iron of
the house itself.  A
courtyard in the rear houses
a romantic fountain, a site
of many receptions and
other events.
A statue of Dr. John
Pemberton sits in
Heritage Park, while
a replica of the
pharmacy in which
Coca-Cola was
invented lives off a
courtyard nearby.
The Columbus
Government Center
a commanding presence in
downtown.  Several
memorials dot the area
surrounding the Center.
The Infantry School Headquarters of long
ago, once again houses the Ft. Benning
commandant and his staff.  Where once sat
Omar Bradley, now sits the current post
The Airborne Jump Towers at Fort Benning
have trained many a paratrooper.
The YMCA building on 9th Street
has a new owner, and its notable
facade has been saved, while the
remainder is being renovated
and re-purposed for another use.
RiverCenter for the Performing Arts
has already established itself as a class
act performance hall.  It is also home to
the CSU Schwob Department of Music.
The Dillingham Bridge frames the Phenix
City Amphitheatre on the Alabama side of the
Chattahoochee River.
Founders' Park
commemorates the
founders of Columbus
and the results of their
efforts.  Many wedding
photos have shown this
park in the background.
St, George Anglican
sits on the
south end of
Broadway near the
River in the Historic
A Log Cabin is on the
Heritage Tours of the
Historic District.  Though
moved to the current site, it
has been faithfully restored.
The spillway at the former Eagle and
Phenix Mill
used to power turbines.  It
lost the battle to a white water course.  
The mill has been converted to upscale
loft apartments.