Faith E. Birkhead

I have been involved in art for all my life...having had artist relatives and devoted parents and aunts who supplied
me with all kinds of materials and encouragement. I graduated from Moore College of Art, in Philadelphia, PA,
1964, with a BFA in Interior Design and wanted to go into a Historical Architecture program through the
Winterthur Museum, but got a job as an office designer instead. After marrying, we moved to Austin, Texas and I
ran the Student Union Arts and Crafts Center and took post-baccalaureate classes in Ceramics and Jewelry at
UT. I also was involved in several architectural design projects on a free-lance basis....and I continue to do
kitchen design and architecture to this day, as well as assisting Jack Collins Interiors in Columbus for the past 22

We lived in Southport, N.C., in the mid 1970's and I applied for and was awarded a grant to open an adult art
recreation center focusing on ceramics through the NC Council on the Arts. I taught wheel-thrown and hand-built
pottery, natural basketry, and ran an after-school children's art program. The adult workshops are still going
strong thanks to the interest and support of the Associated Artists of Southport.

When we moved to Hamilton in 1978, I worked as a display designer at Callaway Gardens and then worked for
four years as a 'stringer' (local reporter) for the Columbus Ledger. I also designed offices for the White Company
and did architectural work for Collins and Huff, (all in Columbus).

In 1989, I took on the ceramics program at Pacelli High School and taught there for the next ten years...much to
my surprise as I had never considered regular classroom education as something I wanted to do. I ended up
enjoying it a lot and look forward to hearing about my former students' successes.

Marketing one's creations is a challenge... I am making more jewelry now than pottery mostly because it is more
packable and portable, not to mention, more saleable. I exhibit in about 8 to 10 outdoor shows a year and for the
last two years, I have been in charge of the layout and coordination of the Salisbury Fair fine crafts, and arts and
crafts sections.

I have the studio of my dreams in the backyard of my home in Hamilton which I share with a fat black cat who rolls
beads around and keeps me company as I make my jewelry late into the night.

Serving on the Hamilton City Council, public works department, keeps many of my daylight hours occupied, and I
try to find time to spend with my Biologist husband, my two children and my grandchildren, as well as my 92 year
old mother who also lives in Hamilton.

I am a member of the Columbus Artists Guild, a founder of the Southern Rivers guild of Artists and Craftsmen,
and serve on the Board of Directors of the Creative Corridor.

My work is displayed at the Galleria Riverside, Columbus; The Mainstreet Emporium, Pine Mountain; and The
Cat's Meow, framing gallery, in Hamilton.

Images and work Copyright © 2017 by Faith E. Birkhead - All rights Reserved
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Curlie Girlie
Sterling Silver
Jasper Carved Frog
Sterling Silver
New pieces by Faith
Dichroic Glass
Sterling Silver
Rose Quartz with
unknown pink/green stone
Sterling Silver
Curlie Girlie
Moonstone, Ocean
Sterling Silver
Pendant, 3" x 1 5/8"
Faceted Amethyst,
Honeycomb Amethyst
Sterling Silver  $140
California Jasper
Sterling Silver
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