Backstretch Studio
604 Twin Lake Road
Waverly Hall, GA 31831
Prices do not include
shipping and handling
Graphite, Pastels,
Pen & Ink
Bronze Sculpture
Waverly Hall, GA
Sweet Ice Tea, alias
Frank (
original sold)
14" x 17"  Giclee
Prints, Ltd. Ed./ 20
All prints are signed and numbered, limited editions.  Most editions are 50 or less.  Only Ro Saabi
is an edition of 500 prints.  Small prints in open editions are available for AP Indy and Tender
Moments.  They are signed, but not limited, and therefore not numbered, and are priced at $45
each.   Specific information available from the artist.
***Giclees are printed on the Iris printer, rather than the traditional multiple color printing lithograph
reproduction.  This drum-based printer uses a continuing flow technology that allows unchanged particles of ink
to hit the media's surface at a rate of one million droplets per second.  This technology creates a continuous
tone look that yields museum quality prints unmatched by any other system including the traditional lithography.  
Distorted Humor:  Sire
of KY. Derby Winner
Funny Cide
  15" x
18"    Pastel
Original:  $2,500
Giclee Prints:  $150
Stretch Run  20" x 28"
Original $3500
Giclee:    $150
Johannesburg Champion
2 Year Old       
16" x 20"       Pastel     
Original  $1,850
Giclee   $150
!2" x 12"   Pastel
Original   $700
Giclee   $125
Butler:  Bull Mastiff
12" x 12"     Pastel
Original SOLD
Giclee  $125
A Ghost Hunting in
the Mist  
9 1/2" x 13 1/2" Graphite
Original   Sold
Giclee   $75
How About a Hug?
Portrait of Dodger
17" x 15"  Pastel
Original Sold
Giclee   $125
19 " x 17 "  Pastel
Original  $3,500
Giclee   $150
Ro Saabi - Portrait of
an Arabian Stallion*
16" x 21"  Pen & Ink
Original  Sold
Print     $90
Big Brown Goes
15" x 12"  Pastel
Original  NFS
Giclee  $150
Tender Moments -
Mare with Foal
12" x 16"
Original  Sold
Giclee   $95
Big Brown  (A
Formal              Portrait)
15 1/2"  x 14"  Pastel
Original   NFS at this time
Giclee:  Contact the artist
Tribute - Labrador
Retriever Portrait
Height with base 14"
$2,650  (Limited Edition,
signed & numbered)
                  ABOUT THE ARTIST
Backstretch Studio is the workplace of its resident artist Len Jagoda.  His formal training as an artist was
interrupted by the draft.  After his military service, Len returned to school on the GI Bill, but now married,
majoring in business instead of Art.  While engaged in a business career he continued his training in art on a
self taught basis, but only as time would permit, and there was little of that.  He left the business world in 2007
and came (back to art) with a flare and a passion, adding hew media.  His earlier works of note were devoted to
horses in pen & ink, with two of these receiving recognition on covers of *The Chronicle of the Horse, a national
During his "business period", he met Bob Wehle via the equine world.  Bob, well known for his Elhew bird dogs,
also had interests in horses and was an accomplished sculptor.  It was Bob who encouraged Len to try
sculpture.  Len abandoned the art world before he completed a sculpture that satisfied his standards.
When he returned to art, he decided to include sculpture as a medium and add dogs to his subject
preferences.  Noted for attention to detail and an uncanny ability to capture the spirit of his subjects, "Tribute",
his first available sculpture marking his return, clearly demonstrates his ability to bring this talent to three
dimensional works.  His return to the art world is now marked with a piece that reaches the soul of his subject
and the heart of the observer.  He has also completed several new two dimensional pieces in graphite and in
pastels and is working on a series of hunting dog sculptures.
Len is a  member of the Columbus Artists' Guild and the Southern Rivers Artists' Guild and has been admitted
to  many juried shows and galleries including the Joseph House Art Gallery and the Southern Rivers Art Exhibit
at Callaway Gardens Discovery Center.  He has been accepted to the Plantation Wildlife Art Festival, one of the
nation's premier and most rigorously juried sporting art exhibitions.
Commissions are accepted.

Images and work  Copyright  © 2017 by Len Jagoda - All rights reserved.
Art, with a whinny and a whisker
English Pointer
!3" x 13"   Pastel
Original   $1,650
Giclee Prints   $125
Closing In
Height 11", Length 17",
Width 8"; Granite base is
1 1/4" x 18" x 11"
$3,000  (Limited Edition,
(30) signed & numbered)